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In production plants, plant managers face numerous challenges and need continuous observation of various plant parameters to be able to perform their strategic and operating responsibilities. To full the requirments of Plant Heads / Plant managers Response Infoway provides the Dashboard Solutions. The Dashboard includes following
 - Real Time Information
 - How Well you are hitting targets
 - What Happening during the each shift
 - Shows six sigma Analytical tools - Shows Alerts

Project Tracker
Project Tracker is a Capex management software accessed by multiple users in various departments. Funds and activities are tracked and complex multi-year projects are managed, using a centralized database for storing project information and financial data. This software enables the customer to develop a long-range plan and provide management information to project managers through completion of the project
Power & Engergy Monitoring Solutions
eResponse This software enables the continuously monitoring of Energy in real time. Its purpose is to establish a basis of management control, to determine when and why energy consumption is deviating from an established pattern, and as a basis for taking management action where necessary. Monitoring is essentially aimed at preserving an established pattern. Simultaneously the provision of showing all the critical parameters like voltage, current, frequency, power factor etc. and Log them for further analysis along with statistical and graphical representation.
Barcode Solutions
Response Infoway's eRetail with Bar Code integration Point of Sale (POS) software was developed in 2007. eRetail-Barcode is Designed for the needs of independent retailers, eRetail has been refined to be fast, easy to learn, with unique functionality in numerous industries. Response Infoway offers a fully integrated one-stop retail software package to help your business start, grow and succeed! This software can solve your unique inventory control, point of sale, accounting and customer management needs with our advanced system solutions. Get in touch with us today and start working smarter and more efficiently, because; Response Infoway helps you run your business, instead of just reporting on it.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient. It enables the caller to get entire information from database. This is an efficient way to exchange of information that does not need any staff member to assist. An IVRS assists the user through a series of pre-programmed prompts. These prompts are pre-recorded and can also further direct the caller to a live customer service representative. In some cases, it may be forwarded to a voicemail box or even a message from the customer recorded and emailed to the customer service team.

eRetail is a POS Software developed by our team. This product is easy to learn and accurate so business owner can work with confidence and be in control. Sales, orders, barcode, receipts and invoices are few features of our software engineered over the years working with business owner who are now enjoying our affordable, powerful and easy eRetail software


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